Juniors Commence this Weekend

While the Senior Teams are approaching Round 3, our youngsters are commencing their seasons this weekend.  Good Luck to all of our Junior players this weekend.

The 11/12’s will kick things off on Friday evening, while the 7/8’s begin on Saturday Morning, 5/6’s will also have their Grading Carnivals on Saturday, while the 9/10’s will wait until Sunday to hit the ground running.


Fixture Links for 7/8’s, 9/10’s & 11/12’s are available below;

11/12 Boys – A Promotion

11/12 Girls – A Grade, A Reserve, B Grade 

9/10 Boys – A Grade, A Reserve, B (Black)

9/10 Girls – A Grade, A Reserve, B Grade

7/8 Boys – A Grade, A Reserve, C (Black)

7/8 Girls – A Grade, A Reserve

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