Hale Hockey Club is unique in its location, facilities & membership base.

To ensure we provide the best facilities and experiences, while keeping the cost of the sport as low as possible we have made some changes to the operating model for the Club moving forward.

From November 2021 we will be making the General Manager role specific to the Facilities, Bar & Events.  The big change is that the GM’s role will no longer be responsible for any ‘Club’ duties.

Over time, roles that are volunteer roles at other Clubs have increasingly been handled by the GM, and it is not a sustainable model for the Club to continue.  There’s simply too much work, and for the Club to thrive it needs to have a greater degree of member involvement.

This means that from November we will have a number of volunteer positions that need to be filled.  This is how the vast majority of clubs across all sports, not just hockey, operate.

Each position will have the support and guidance of a Board Member to assist them.  We anticipate people would like to share some of the positions, and we actively encourage that.

Our Aim is for everyone in the Club to willingly volunteer their time in some way.  This will allow members to have a thriving Hockey Club, run cost effectively, with the workload spread across many people, not just a few.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know by emailing board@halehockey.com.au 

Board positions are available for nomination at the Club Annual General Meeting, which will be in Late-November.  Full AGM details will be circulated shortly.

Roles & Positions Available

  1. Board Members
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Treasurer
    4. General Member(s) – Minimum 2 Positions
  2. Club Registrar
    • Responsible for the Registration & Financial Compliance of Club Members
  3. Uniforms Manager
    • Responsible for the Ordering and Sales of all Uniforms, Off Field Gear & Supporter Wear
  4. Equipment Manager
    • Responsible for coordinating equipment needs for each team, setting each team up this equipment and receiving the equipment back at season’s end.
  5. Sustainability Officer (Position Filled)
    • Responsible for implementing Sustainable Initiatives across the Facility and Club.
  6. Marketing
    1. Communication
      • Responsible for running Club Social Media Accounts, e.g. Facebook, Instagram
      • Responsible for Sending e-News & other EDMs to Members
    2. Website
      • Responsible for Updating Website as needed
    3. Sponsorship
      • Responsible for delivering the agree Sponsorship Contracts
      • Responsible for helping source and onboard new sponsors
  7. Social Events Coordinator
    1. Senior
      • Responsible for organising a monthly Social Event during the Winter Season
    2. Juniors
      • Responsible for organising Social Events as Required
    3. End of Year
      • Responsible for organising the integrated Club Junior & Senior Wind Up
  8. Umpiring Coordinator
    1. Coordinator
      • Responsible for leading the Umpiring program within the Club, including attracting umpires and helping to facilitate umpire participation across all grades.
    2. Training
      • Responsible for leading Age & Skill appropriate umpire training courses
  9. Playing
    1. Senior Coordinators (Men & Women)
      • Coordinating trails and selection issues for Senior Men’s or Women’s Teams (excluding Premier League)
      • Liaise directly with Team Captains/Managers
      • Ensures Managers & Coaches are aware of and compliant with Competition Rules
    2. Masters Coordinator
      • Coordinate any issues for Masters Teams
      • Provide support to Masters teams where necessary
    3. Junior Coordinator
      • Takes a leadership role ensuring the Junior Program is run effectively
      • Assists other Coordinators in any issues that need resolving
    4. Junior Boys & Girls Coordinators
      • Ensures Coaches are available by Age Group & Coordinates Selection Trials
      • Ensures Managers & Coaches are aware of and compliant with Competition Rules
    5. 3/4’s Coordinator(s)
      • Responsible for coordinating the 3/4’s Teams
      • Liaising with Competitions Management at Competition Venue(s) (Perry Lakes)
    6. 1/2’s Coordinator(s)
      • Responsible for coordinating the 3/4’s Teams
      • Liaising with Competitions Management at Competition Venue(s)
    7. Minkey (K/PP) Coordinator(s)
      • Responsible for Management of the Minkey Program in Terms 2 & 3 of the School Year
      • Coordinate & Ensure Coaches Availability for each Session
    8. Indoor Coordinator(s)
      • Responsible for setting up and driving a thriving Indoor program for the Club
    9. Academy Coordinator(s)
      • Responsible for coordinating the Academy Programs (Elite & Paid) to assist Junior Development
    10. Goalkeeping Coordinator(s)
      • Responsible Advocating for the needs of Goalkeepers across the Club
      • Ensuring and encouraging Goalkeeper development and helping teams fill available slots in times of shortage
    11. Goalkeeping Academy
      • Responsible for setting up a Goalkeeping Academy Program (and Network) to ensure Goalkeepers are well trained and engaged in the Club.
    12. Coaches/Manager by Team
      • Once selected, each Non-Premier League team will need to appoint a coach and manager
      • Ensure Compliance with Competition Rules