The Friday Family 7’s is played only over the Summer, and is split into Pre & Post Christmas Competitions.

The Family 7’s is split into two divisions, Primary Schools (Y4-8) & Secondary Students (Y8-12) to keep things fair and even.

If you’d like to join one of the teams in the competition, please feel free to contact one of the Team Contacts listed below.


Primary School Division (Years 4-8)

Team Contact Phone Email Shirt
Mini Knights Nathan Byrne  0419629090   White
Zulus Dave Whitlock 0439933805 Grey/Orange
Dingoes Dave Whitlock 0439933805 Blue
Majestics Hilary Sitas 0401514137 Red
Newman Storm Linda Maddaford 0408099887 Blue 

Secondary School Division (Years 8-12)

Team Contact Phone Email Shirt
Rookaburras Dave Whitlock 0439933805 Grey/Green
Rubber Duckies Wendy Ng 0411313151 Yellow
TGIF Melinda Ashley 0421220475 Black
Black Panthers Stephanie Crofts 0409497773 Black 
Milcar Penny Carman 0407392445  Green/White
Gatecrashers Wendy Ng 0411313151 Yellow 
The Darkside Paul Reglar 0459804326  Black


The current competition is limited to a total of 16 teams, due to time restrictions.  As with all Hale Hockey Club Turf Competitions, a short priority registration period is given to those teams that participated in the most recent iteration of the competition.  All umpires are organised by Hale Hockey Club.

If you would like to make an expression of interest about joining this competition during the next nomination period, please CLICK HERE to be added to the waiting list for the next 12 months.

More information is available by contacting the Competition Coordinator, Adam Hutchinson