Competition Information

Team Contacts

Team Contact Phone Email Shirt
Bush Chooks James Kish 0409 396 828 Red
50 Shades of Green Niall Pigott 0478 617 880 Green
Phantoms Sinead French-Bluhm 0403 831 075 Orange
Pink Panthers Leanne Prance 0403 002 957 Pink
Shades of Grays Ros Embry 0417 915 359 Grey
Vintage Reds Jenness Gardner 0417 045 542 Red

Insurance Information

All players need to be registered in the Hockey WA Revolutionise platform, as this is linked to the insurance coverage provided for in the HA National Levy.

If you’re playing in this competition only, and did not play this season as a member of a HockeyWA Club or Association, please follow the link below to register.

Competition Contacts

Sinead French-Bluhm

M: 0403 831 075

If you would like to make an expression of interest about joining this competition during the next nomination period, please CLICK HERE to be added to the waiting list for the next 12 months.

More information is available by contacting the Competition Coordinator, Sinead French-Bluhm