Wednesday – O/35’s Mixed

The O/35’s Mixed Competition is played only over the Summer months. If you’d like to join one of the teams in the competition, please feel free to contact one of the Team Contacts listed below.

Competition Specifics are available at the links below;


Ladder (2016/17 Summer)

Competition Rules

Codes of Behaviour

Team Contacts
Team Contact Phone Email Shirt
Toast n Jam Paula White 0400006785 Black/Red
ASF Karen Judge 0402469922 Grey
Thunderstacks Alex Rothon 0412166156 White
Phantoms Clare Hall 0408658217 Orange
Green Team Colin Sharpe 0417744605 Green
Vintage Reds Jenness Gardner 0417045542 Red
Dark Knights Rob Reid 0412887067 Blue
White Knights Erica Kilmurray 0409371881 White/Black

The current competition is limited to a total of 9 teams, due to time restrictions.  As with all Hale Hockey Club Turf Competitions, a short priority registration period is given to those teams that participated in the most recent iteration of the competition. All umpires are organised by Hale Hockey Club.

If you would like to make an expression of interest about joining this competition during the next nomination period, please CLICK HERE to be added to the waiting list for the next 12 months. More information is available by contacting the Competition Coordinator, Adam Hutchinson

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