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About Hale Hockey

Hale Hockey Club is one of Perth’s Premier Hockey Clubs, catering to members of all ages in Men’s Women’s, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Men’s Masters & Women’s Masters

During the Winter Season (April to September), Hale teams compete primarily in the Hockey WA Competitions, across all age groups.  We also offer programs for 3/4’s and Minkey.  Competitive or Social, there is a team for everyone and the whole family can join in.

Hale provides for all junior players from Minkey to J11/12’s (U/18’s), both boys and girls.  Our focus is on providing top quality coaching staff to nurture our juniors through to the senior ranks at all levels of competition.

Our aim is to provide the opportunities for all junior players’ to achieve their goals whether it is to play sport, keep fit and have fun, or follow a pathway to the elite levels of hockey. Hale’s Junior Program is packed with specialist coaching opportunities for both field players and goalkeepers, in the off-season the Hale Hockey Academy serves the same purpose.

If if the winter competition is not enough, Hale Hockey Club is Perth’s Premier Summer Venue, where Family 7-a-Side, Mixed Social, O/40’s and O/50’s Men’s Masters Competitions running each Summer for over 25 years. The summer competitions are very popular and attracts a large number of other Clubs to compete and socialise off-season at Hale Hockey.

Spectators are also welcome to come down and enjoy the clubrooms while watching the action on the turf from the verandah or stands. Social events are held at the clubrooms for members and guests throughout the year.

If you like to become a member at Hale Hockey, would like more information in general or if you have family and friends who are interested in playing Australia’s #1 Olympic Team Sport, please do not hesitate to contact Adam Hutchinson.

Membership Information

Clause 5 of the Constitution of Hale Hockey Club defines the five (5) categories of Membership available to be a member of the Club.

A summary of the five categories is provided below;

Ordinary Member

An Ordinary Member is any person over the age of seventeen (17) that has applied to be admitted as an Ordinary Member.  Ordinary Members have full playing and voting rights at General Meetings of the Club.

Associate Member

Associate Members are any members over the age of seventeen (17) that has applied to be admitted as an Associate Member.  Associate Members are not entitled to play for the Club, however, they do have the right to vote at General Meetings of the Club.

Junior Member

Junior Members are those persons under eighteen (18) that have been admitted as a Junior Member.  Junior Members have no voice at General Meetings, and may not hold a Board position within the Club.

Honorary Member

The board may elect persons as an Honorary Member.  This type of membership is usually reserved for persons of distinguished position or attainment.  Honorary Members have No play or voting rights.

Life Member

Life Membership is awarded to select persons from within the Club who have a long and distinguished history of service at the Club.  Life Members enjoy full voting and playing rights.

Membership Fees
Senior Memberships Club Fees HA Levy Total
Seniors (Turf) $525 $42 $567
Tertiary Student (Turf) $378 $42 $420
Seniors (Grass) $500 $42 $542
Tertiary Student (Grass) $378 $42 $420
Masters Men (Grass) $500 $42 $542
Masters Women (Turf) $525 $42 $567
Social Player (Turf or Grass) $80 $42 $122
Secondary Competition (Women’s Masters) $275 $275
Secondary Competition (GK in Field) $275 $275
Secondary Competition (GK in Two Comps) $100 $275


Junior Memberships Club Fees HA Levy Total;
Secondary Students (7-12) $240 $30 $270
Primary Students (5/6’s) $185 $30 $215
Primary Students (3/4’s) $160 $160
 Junior Goalkeepers (5/6’s-11/12’s)  $100  $30 $130 
  1. HA Levy applies to all players in Hockey WA Competitions, J5/6’s and Up.
  2. HA Levy is only paid once, so members playing in multiple Competitions (e.g. Womens Masters & Weekend) are not charged the Levy for the second competition.
  3. The HA Levy includes the insurance portion of your fees
  4. All Junior Age Groups are based on School Year.  i.e. 11/12’s is for Year 11 & Year 12 Students
  5. Fees for Minkey will be finalised and released with the Registration Forms on January 25, 2019
  6. Training Schedules are available HERE
  7. All Members that have paid their Full Fees before 9pm on March 21 will go into the Early Bird Raffle.  Two prizes of a refund of fees, and a $500 Bar Tab will be Raffled Off.

If you have any queries about our fee structure, please contact Adam Hutchinson

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