Please Note:  For Junior Registrations, the School Year is used to determine the Age Groups.  e.g. 7/8’s refers to those Children in Years 7 & 8 at School

Registration 2024 – Major Changes

Please read below for detailed information on registration. For those familiar with registration, major changes for 2024 are:

ONLINE PAYMENT PLANS. You can now set up a payment plan to be manged through this software. If you require a payment plan you must have set it up by March 1st. Please send your request directly to and liaise with Catherine Macfarlane.

LATE REGISTRATION PENALTY. If you do not register prior to 1st March, there will be a $200 dollar fee increase for seniors and $100 fee increase for juniors. The reason for this is that we need to submit our team requests to Hockey WA in this timescale and the number of late registrations in recent years have caused much difficulty within the club. Given payment plans are now in place there is no reason not to register in a timely manner.

FEE INCREASES. As per the 2023 member vote there are small, incremental fee increases on a yearly basis. Fees have been increased at the same rate as local inflation and will be benchmarked against other clubs in mid 2024. We believe we remain in the middle range of clubs our size and facilities.

About Hale Hockey Club

Hale Hockey Club is a community club with over 900 members playing in 21 Senior and 25 Junior teams. Our members range from current and former international players to Pre-Primary kids starting to learn about hockey.

Formed in 1905, we are one of the Premier clubs in WA. Whether you’re a social player, aspiring international or completely new to the game there’s a team for you at Hale!

Hale’s Junior program has an even mix of girls and boys teams, and in addition to regular training we offer specialist goalkeeper training and a pre-season Hale Academy.

In addition to the winter competition, Hale Hockey Club is Perth’s Premier Summer hockey venue, where Mixed Social and Men’s Masters Competitions have been running for over 25 years. The summer competitions are very popular and attract players from other clubs to compete and socialise off-season at Hale.

Spectators are also welcome to come down and enjoy the clubrooms while watching the action on the turf from the verandah or stands. Social events are held at the clubrooms for members and guests throughout the year.

If you like to speak to someone about becoming a member at Hale Hockey, please email our registrar Catherine McFarlane or speak to her at 0407 981 172‬.

Hockey Australia Levy:

  1. The HA levy is payable directly to Hockey Australia during registration in the Revolutionise Sport system
  2. For 2024 all players in J3/4s must pay the HA Hookin2Hockey levy. This includes coverage by the HA Personal Injury Insurance scheme.
  3. The HA levy is only paid once, so members playing in multiple competitions (e.g. Womens Masters & Weekend) are not charged the levy for the second competition.
  4. The HA levy includes insurance.
  5. For information please see Hockey Australia Membership levy info

Registration Enquiries

Catherine McFarlane