Hale Hockey Club is reliant on its members volunteering to help run the club. A full list of positions and the member currently volunteering are given below. There are vacant positions that we wish to fill as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know by emailing board@halehockey.com.au . Board positions are available for nomination at the Club Annual General Meeting, held yearly in late November.

The volunteer positions receive board representation through the following structure. Club members are urged to contact the appropriate volunteer (listed in the section below) to discuss any issues that they would like to be raised and represented through the appropriate board member.

Clayton Arnold Michael Jorgensen Chris Lawson Shonel Vuletich Lachie Ashton Margaret Knapp Paul Graham
President Vice President Finance Director Board Member Board Member Board Member Board Member
Facilities Uniform Sustainability Woman Lower Grade Social Women Elite Marketing
Registrar Equipment Book Keeper Goalkeepers Men Elite Women Vets Minkey
Juniors Indoor Turfball
Men Vets Men Lower Grade

List of current volunteers and positions:

Board President Clayton Arnold president@halehockey.com.au
VP Michael Jorgenson vp@halehockey.com.au
Director Finance Chris Lawson finance@halehockey.com.au
General Member Shonel Vuletich
General Member Lachie Ashton
Invited Member Marg Knapp
Invited Member Paul Graham
General Facilities Toni Cronk facilities@halehockey.com.au
Bar Manager Libby Byers bar@halehockey.com.au
Book Keeping Alex Utley account@halehockey.com.au
Competitions Sinead French Bluhm competitions@halehockey.com.au
Registrar Catherine McFarlane registrar@halehockey.com.au
Hockey Heroes Bev Ewan heroes@halehockey.com.au
Turfball Lizzie Howe turfball@halehockey.com.au
Academies Liam Flynn
Uniform VACANT uniforms@halehockey.com.au
Equipment VACANT
Sustainability Liv Wade sustainability@halehockey.com.au
Marketing Social India Stone socialmedia@halehockey.com.au
Website Paul Graham marketing@halehockey.com.au
EDM Paul Graham marketing@halehockey.com.au
Sponsorship Paul Graham marketing@halehockey.com.au
Social Committee Women Elite VACANT
Women Lower Grade VACANT
Women Vets VACANT
Mens Elite VACANT
Mens Lower Grade VACANT
Women Vets VACANT
Umpiring Junior Coordinator Kristen Britz umpiring@halehockey.com.au
Senior Coordinator
Senior Senior Women Coordinator Vicki Harris women@halehockey.com.au
Senior Men Coordinator Paul Graham marketing@halehockey.com.au
Men Masters Coordinator John Pilatti menmasters@halehockey.com.au
Women Masters Coordinator Marg Knapp womenmasters@halehockey.com.au
Womens Metro Coordinator Tammy Grimes
Indoor Indoor Junior VACANT
Indoor Senior VACANT
GoalKeeper Goalkeeper Coordinator Shonel Vuletich
Goakeeper Academy Nigel Hindmarsh
Junior Coordinators Junior Coordinator Mike Arnold juniors@halehockey.com.au
3/4s Coordinator TBA jnr34@halehockey.com.au
Girls 11/12s TBA
Girls 9/10s TBA
Girls 7/8s TBA
Girls 5/6s TBA
Boys 11/12 TBA
Boys 9/10s TBA
Boys 7/8s TBA
Boys 5/6s TBA