Turf Ball

You’ve heard the rumours, and now its official… TURF BALL is launching at Hale Hockey Club.

Most of you will know about or have played a sport called Floorball.  Well this is our version, played outdoors with rinks on the turf… Turf Ball.  Games are 40 minutes total (2x 18 minute halves, 4 mins break).  Beginning Early October in Term 4.

Turf Ball is a great ‘Ice Breaker’ for the young kids to get into hockey, and a lot of fun for the not so young.

The competition will be broken into the following Age Groups with all games taking place on Friday Afternoons/Evenings;

  • Year 1/2’s
  • Year 3/4’s
  • Year 5/6’s
  • Year 7/8/9’s
  • Open (Year 10+ & Adults)

Each team needs 5 players on the field at a time, so we suggest 7 players per team, but that’s totally up to the teams.  All teams will be Mixed.

Sticks and Balls will be provided, but also for Sale.

For the initial Competition this year, all age groups will be restricted to a maximum of eight (8) teams, so all registrations will be on a First Come, First Serve basis.

Pre-Registrations are Now Open, simply CLICK HERE to Register Your Team.

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