Please Click on One of the Policies Below to Open the PDF Document.  Policies with an * before them are still to be Approved, and will be updated in due course.

Club Policies

POL-C001: Member Protection Policy

POL-C002: Codes of Behaviour Policy

POL-C003: Child Safe Policy

POL-C004: Alcohol Management Policy

POL-C005: Safe Transport Policy

POL-C006: Smoke Free Policy

POL-C007: Social Media Policy

*POL-C008: Injury Management Policy

Senior Policies

POL-S001: Senior Selection Policy

Junior Policies

POL-J001: Junior Management Policy

POL-J002: Junior Sport Codes of Behaviour Policy

POL-J003: Junior Selection Policy

POL-J004: Juniors in Senior Competitions Policy

*POL-J005: Junior Injury Management Policy

Facility Use Policies

TCH-001: Terms of Use – Turf Bookings & Hire

TCH-002: Terms of Use – Clubrooms Bookings & Hire