Women’s Teams 2019

Grading has been underway for a while now and finally starting teams have been decided. As per our selection policy, players should expect movement between grades throughout the season as the need /opportunity arises. Any queries or concerns, you know where to find me. Tess


Blyth, Madonna
Boultbee, Briony
Britton, Tayla
Clayton, Mel
Cock, Fiona
Corbett, Brooke
Cronjé, Carina
Dodd, Danielle
Durst, Jessica
Faichney, Ciara
Harwood, Erin
Kappelle, Hanny
Malan, Liné
Markhati, Tiffani
Pearmine, Courtney
Smith, Emily
Williams, Mariah
Taylor, Sophie
Allsop, Gabriella
Barnard, Caitlin
Boultbee, Kate
Byres, Georgia
Davis, Kelsie
Dodd, Courtney
Hames, Tiffany
Lorenzen, Ninette
Marshall, Madison
Sherwood, Emma
Ward, Zoe
West, Eve
Leisham, Alanah
Hickley, Jo
Ward, Harriet
Barnard, Anri
Becker, Sharna
Campbell, Lauren
Christiansen, Melinda
Cronan, Gemma
Elliott, Georgia
Gibson, Cassie
Guinness, Sophie
Hyde, Emily
Kamide, Tiriei
Penn, Mikayla
Rogers, Jessica
Smallwood, Taryn Lee
Wood, Tessa
Campbell, Ashleigh
Cant, Jessica
Clayton, Megan Amy
Deering, Rhianna
Derham, Georgia
Edwards, Jasmin
Inkster, Georgia
Pethick, Amy
Pethick, Megan
Phelan, Sabrina
Roberts, Emily
Wallwork, Morgan
Waters, Jacinta
Harris, Victoria Jane
Crabb, Natalie
Doyle, Carolina
Flavel, Rebecca
Gregory, Danae
Healey, Dayna
Hemberg, Deon
Roe, Sarah
Smith, Tess
Swift, Karen
Wood, Rebecca
Woods, Jacque
Paterson, Jemima
Baars, Emma
Orchard, Megan
Aitken, Georgina
Edwards, Georgia
Fisher, Kelly
Heberle, Milanna
Hewton, Rebecca
Honeybul, Katharine
Large, Amy
Lee, Trisha
Robinson, Denise
Thornton, Ashlee
Waters, Chantal
Bothe, Gemma
Creasey, Caroline Jane
De Klerk, Krisna
Embry, Rosslyn
Judge, Karen-Lee
McFarlane, Catherine
Stevens, Leigh
Tothill, Zoe
Waters, Flavie
Waters, Megan
Bastion, Belinda GK
Knapp, Marg
Petah, Kohl
Hollands, Jacinda
 8s METRO 3
Bartsch, Bronwyn
Bastion, Belinda
Clutterbuck, Angela
de Klerk, Cornel
Ebeling, Bridget
Gerhardy, Elena
Johns, Lyn
Neaves, Kylie
Parrotte, Gabby
Spellacy, Jane
Stevens, Debbie
Young, Helen

Regular Senior Training commences 26th Feb

Senior turf and grass training commences for all weekend turf players and our ladies’ grass team.

There have been some changes from last year so please check the Training schedule before the day.

There are also plenty of pre-season matches planned. Check the Preseason calendar for dates and details. Grading session details are also included.

Contact: Tess Smith: doh@halehockey.com.au

0400 833 489


Recent Premier League Milestones

Congratulations are in order too the following Hale Premier League Players, who’ve achieved some exceptional milestones to date during the 2018 Season.

Justin Knapp played his 250th Men’s Premier League game in Round 1 against Curtin University.  Justin became the third player to reach 250 First Division games for Hale Hockey, behind Kane Greenaway (265) and CJ Lawson (275).  Justin’s debut was a 4-Nil win over Harlies on July 4, 2004 at the ripe old age of 15.

Michael Ferguson played his 200th Premier League game in Round 14 against Melville.  Mike becomes the 8th member of the 200 Club, and the third Hale Old Boy to reach this milestone, behind James Osborne (208) & Paul Healey (208).  Michael has also registered 71 goals in his 200 games, which places him 5th all time in goal scored for the Club.  Mike’s debut was a 2-Nil win over North Coast Raiders on April 23, 2004.

Geoff Cock reached his 150th game for Hale in the Round 11 against Fremantle.  Originally from Tasmania, Geoff has also shattered the Club’s Goalscoring records, notching his 170th goal only 2 games later.  Geoff’s debut was April 18, 2010.

Morgan Dry played his 150th game for Hale was in Round 12 against YMCA Coastal.  Morgan’s debut was in the same game as Justin, back in 2004.

Ben Rennie played his 150th in Round 7 against Wolves, becoming only the second Goalkeeper to reach 150, behind ex-Kookaburra, Ross Meadows (216).  Ben’s debut was in 2008.

This weekend, Kookaburra Josh Beltz will play his 50th game for Hale Hockey.