Shelley Arnold is our equipment coordinator. Please contact her via or 0417954749 with any queries.

Shelley will be available at the following times for all Seniors, Masters and Juniors pick up for the 2022 season:

Tuesday 29th March         5pm – 730pm

Wednesday 30th March  5pm – 630pm

Thursday 31st March       5pm – 630pm

Please contact Shelley directly if this causes an issue for you.

Equipment Policies

  • Each team manager, coach or captain is responsible for the club equipment that they are given for their team. The equipment will be kept on a register and is expected to be returned at the end of the season.
  • The team must replace any lost club equipment prior to the return date at the end of the season (for most teams, this is balls!). We ask members to diligently look after the equipment as it is expensive to buy and constantly replacing lost items only translates to higher membership fees.
  • The club is not able to supply personal face masks for use on penalty corners. Face masks are the responsibilities of individual players, in the same way that mouthguards, shin pads and gloves are.
  • Clean bibs are supplied for use at every training. They should be taken from the basket labelled CLEAN. Used bibs are to be placed into the clothes basket named DIRTY at the end of the session.
  • There are cones and markers available to use at the club. Please return after each training.