The 2022 AGM will be held on Wednesday 23 November at 7:00PM at the Hale Clubrooms.


The order of business at the Annual Meeting shall be as follows:

  • Reading the notice of meeting.
  • Reading the minutes of the last AGM and confirming or amending same.
  • Reading the President’s Report; discussion and adoption or otherwise.
  • Reading the Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet; to be received or otherwise.
  • Election of Board Members.
  • Special Business of which Notice of Motion has been given.
  • Other Business.


The Constitution states that a third of the Board must be elected each year. In accordance with this, Michael Jorgensen is stepping down, and will renominate as Vice President.

Clare Hall is stepping down as Director of Finance as she will be undertaking study in addition to work in 2023.


Nominations for the 2 Board positions of Vice President and Director of Finance must signed by the Proposer and Nominee, and be received by 5PM on Wed 16 November – using the Director Nomination form attached.


In addition to the regular agenda items there will be a Special Resolution:

To adopt the revised Constitution for Hale Hockey Club, Inc.

The proposed changes to the Club constitution are minor, a Summary document is attached along with a clean version of the proposed document.



Any other Notices of Motion for consideration at the Annual Meeting must be sent to by 5PM on Wed 16 November.

Director-Nomination-Form 2022

Hale Constitution – Draft ammendments CLEAN v2

Hale Constitution – Draft ammendments Summary v2