Please follow this advice over the next few weeks. We will update this protocol until further information comes to hand or we receive directive from HWA or Government.

If you are COVID positive and have been at club whilst positive or highly likely to have been at club whilst positive:

  1. Immediately advise your coach, manager or coordinator. Follow government health advice.
  2. Coaches, managers and coordinators are to advise club contact immediately. Contact Michael Jorgensen on 0429922638.
  3. Michael Jorgensen will immediately advise HWA. No personal details will be passed on.
  4. Hale Hockey Club will define a close contact in exactly the same way as WA Health.
  5. Currently close contacts only required to advise club if they have tested positive to COVID. There is no need to advise the club if you are a close contact and negative.
  6. Players must not return to training, matches or the club until they have finished quarantine and followed all applicable government guidelines.