Based on advice from the State Government (DLGSC) Hale Hockey is captured under the Restrictions that will take effect from Monday, January 31 2022, as a part of the Safe Transition Plan.

As a result the following conditions will now apply to all players, spectators and persons aged 16 year or older entering the facility, in instances where the Bar is Open.  Patrons are still required to checkin at QR codes upon entry.

We are not required to keep any information, and a ’sighting’ of a valid Vaccination Certificate and/or required identification documents is sufficient.

  • Any person that has a Valid Proof of Vaccination or Exemption Certificate status in permitted to use the bar and socialise within the Licensed Area.
  • Socialising, Warmups or stretching in the Licensed Area is permitted
  • Service at the Bar, subject to providing Proof of Vaccination is permitted
  • People with a Valid Exemption to Vaccination are subject to the same conditions as Vaccinated people
  • Patrons without Valid Proof of Vaccination Documentation are not permitted to enter the Licensed Area, with the following exemptions
    • Thoroughfare for purposes of entering the field of play (grass or turf fields)
    • Thoroughfare for purposes of using the toilets or change rooms
  • Service at the Bar will not be permitted
  • Persons in this classification are not permitted to remain in the Licensed Area for an extended period of time.
  • To save on time for return service at the bar, the staff will mark a persons hand/wrist with a stamp to indicate sighting of a Valid Proof of Vaccination
  • Staff will also conduct random checks of groups on the verandah or BBQ Area
  • Anyone without Valid Proof of Vaccination will be asked to leave immediately
  • Anyone providing Alcohol to a Person without Valid Proof of Vaccination will also be asked to leave immediately.
  • Any person refusing to provide appropriate documentation as contained in the attached on request, or acts in a rude or threatening manner towards staff will be instructed to leave the facility immediately.
  • The Licensed Area is the area outlined in the image to the right.

Thank you for you cooperation.
Acceptable forms of Proof are available in the Image Below, and will be available around the Clubrooms.